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Wall Balls
Joe & Jeff (no, they aren't brothers)
Several weeks ago, we wrapped up our "Lose-It" challenge. An informal 6 week challenge to document food intake, eat "Zone" friendly, and to lose fat. Two dozen athletes began the challenge, however nearly half failed to get their final weigh-in.

While many people posted impressive results, two stood out.

Jeff Roble CrossFitting since 10/2013
  • lost 18 pounds
  • lost 3 inches across the abdomen

Joe Maruca CrossFitting since 4/2014
  • Lost 21 pounds
  • Lost 4 inches across the shoulders, chest and abdomen (in 6 weeks).
Farmers Carry at Sunrise
Pull-ups are back!

Hill Runs

What they call fitness, we call dancing. I promise you that you won't be dancing at CrossFit Latrobe.

Lateral Bar Jumps

Farmers Carry

Bench Press

Back Squat

Clean & Jerk


Double Unders
Bar/Ring Pulls
Box Jumps (High)
Sumo Dead Lifts
Wall Balls